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bb-homepageThe Start-up BarberBooking is the biggests and fastest growing hairdresser booking platform in the Netherlands. BarberBooking offers the possibility for the consumer to book online and browse customers’ authenticated reviews from any device.

  • Bookings per year: 3,809,544
    With a value of €135 million
  • Online bookings per year: 895,000
    With a value of €40,4 million
  • Authenticated reviews: 227,023
  • Online booking made every 27,7 seconds
    Even every 6,9 seconds during opening hours


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Not only we are enthousiastic about our company, the press is too.

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Want to see what BarberBooking is like? www.BarberBooking.com
Da Vinci is the parent company and investor of the consumer platform BarberBooking. Who is Da Vinci? Click here.


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