Da Vinci Group

Da Vinci History

The development for the new salonmanagement software platform for hairdressers has started. The whole programm is going to be updated with a new look and feel.

The launch of BarberBooking by the three sisters Lidwien, Carlijn and Marre, the biggest hairdresser booking platform for the consumer in the Netherlands.

On the first of december 2013 some more family is making their entrance in the familybusiness. The younger twinsisters of Lidwien and daughters of Jim: Marre and Carlijn Heersink. After the study of Behavioural Change and Businesscience on the University. Jim on the other hand is making his time free to play more golf.

Daughter Lidwien Heersink is making her entrance in the familybusiness. And after 4 years she took over the lead from her father Jim of the company. The company is facing a stable and beautiful feature.

8 of August 1997
The official date when Da Vinci International B.V. is founded. Da Vinci became an apreciated company. The hairdressing saloon also still exists, with a different name: Da Vinci for Hair. The clients of Da Vinci are growing in a snap from 1 to 1500 in the year 2010.

The owners of the program Coiffure were done with it. For the symbolic amount of 1 ‘gulden’ could Jim buy the software Coiffure. He build it into PC-Coiffure with the help of a new programmer.

Miles & Maizy of course needed software. So Jim got in contact with the man who build the softwareprogram for KMS in 1990 en from which hairdressing saloon Heersink was the pilotstore. In june 1995 Jim founded together with Milco Linssen the VOF IT Informatisering. Jim could start selling his own build software.

Jim buys another hairdressing saloon in Nijmegen and sells this one in 1994 with a lot of loss. The next project which he got involved was the making of a pilot franchise store Miles & Maizy together with Ron Schmitz and Cor Bloemink. At 1997 Jim and Ron got out of this project. Cor extended the franchisestores and it got fused with Harmaxx, which was sold to Wave in 2004.

Hairdressing saloon Heersink was one of the first salons with a computerprogram. In that time a program from KWS in which Hairdresser Heersink fast became a pilotstore.

Jim opens another hairsalon in Dieren but sells it again in 2004.

Jim officially takes over the hairsalon from his father.

Youngest son Jim Heersink began in 1976 with his hairdressers education afther the middel school. After the education he came working in hairsalon Heersink.

Gert Heersink began a barbershop next to the bar ‘Onder de Linden’. Because is was very simple to get a new haircut when you got a beer. After a few years the barbershop did it well and the bar became a hairdressing salon for ladies. The hairdressingsalon Heersink was now a name in Vorden and region.

The bar ‘Onder de Linden’.