Da Vinci Group

Vision & Mission


Protected Occupation
In the past, the hairdressing profession was protected by government law. Hairdressers were safeguarded by the ‘establishment of business act’ (1954), and needed a diploma to start a salon. As a result of this law, there were around 9,000 salons in the Netherlands.

Unprotected Occupation
Since the ‘establishment of business act’ was abolished in 2007, it is no longer necessary to have a diploma to start a hairdressing salon. Consequently, the hairdressing profession has become unprotected. For this reason, there are now around 22,000 listed salons, 7,000 of which operate with personnel, and around 15,000 without.

In recent years, a strong division has emerged between on the one side, a growth in branch and franchise chains, and on the other, more and more independent and freelance hairdressers. However, it is the group in the middle that is experiencing more difficult times than ever before.

The Professionalisation of the Hairdressing Industry
The group in the middle consists of 5,000-7,000 salons, with a minimum of one and a maximum of three branches. This group faces the biggest challenge to stay in existence, and this is precisely the reason why it is important to professionalise.

A Helping Hand
Da Vinci is especially designed to give the middle group a helping hand in professionalisation: to help keep salons in existence by offering salon owners the correct software, in order to work more smartly and efficiently. Besides this, Da Vinci has software solutions for franchises, independent and freelance hairdressers.



Currently, Da Vinci is developing all kinds of smart software tools for the independent hairdresser, salon owners, their branches and franchises, to make entrepreneurship effortless and more professional. But above all, to put the hairdresser frist and not the technology. Meaning: to convert practical knowledge of the hairdressing industry into a software system, not the other way around.

Triple A
The main Da Vinci software components consist of three ‘A’s: Appointments, At the Checkout, and Administration (Afspreken, Afrekenen en Administratie).

Extra components include stock control, bookkeeping and accounting software, management and marketing reports, and so on. There is also a website especially designed for hairdressers and a smartphone or tablet app for hairdressers on the go!

Da Vinci is also the largest supplier of benchmark data for hairdressers in the Netherlands. Various organisations use Da Vinci data for their businesses.

In addition to understanding the insights Da Vinci provides for entrepreneurs, we also offer ‘multi-turnover-makers’ through the integration of smart software techniques. Da Vinci’s aim is to develop a virtual assistant, a virtual marketer and a virtual manager. Together, these form a virtual entrepreneur: the Hairdresser’s Best Friend.